Month: July 2018

How does a company’s review or online reputation help with gaining more business?

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The advent of the internet started in the latter years of the 19th century. Little did anyone know that it would be such a big game changer that almost everyone would have to accommodate and change the way their businesses operate according to the internet. Businesses, especially the B2B companies, B2B IT companies and B2B E-commerce companies have had the biggest impact on the way in which businesses operate. Today, most of these companies have a separate online business directory of their own, and many of these companies are wholly internet based. The online reviews and the online reputation management of the companies can affect a business in both a good manner and a negative manner. Below we discuss both its negative and positive impacts-

Positive Impacts

1. Better Reviews Equal More Customers- Whenever a customer visits your website or a review website like Trustpilot, they can leave reviews. Positive reviews about your business help in increasing the confidence in you and in turn, this can influence others to use your business also. These reviews help to build a good reputation for your business and this helps to attract more customers. Customers and especially new customers can hold these reviews in high regard. The importance of online reputation management services has increased a lot today, and with the services of Launch Your Business, you can easily manage this important part of your business. Our services are high quality and professional. You won’t have any complaints, only praise for us. Visit our website or call us for high quality and very reasonably priced services.

2. The opportunity to get more money out of customers- If you build your reputation via good reviews and with a good genuine product or service, there is a very good chance that a customer will be ready to pay a higher amount for your service just because he is impressed with the quality of product or service that you provide. That is because the reputation that you’ve built up through various online reviews will have assured them that they’re dealing with someone who provides a very high-quality service. It’s the same principle that follows luxury goods. It is advised to look for some good online reputation management companies and get their reputation management services such as Launch Your Business, which is a Web Development Agency in Bristol UK.

Negative Impacts

1. Zero Customer Satisfaction- A mix of negative reviews is translated by the customers in a way which to them reflects zero customer satisfaction. Today’s marketplace demands that it is the customers who are the kings and for them, their satisfaction is supreme. When a potential customer reads a negative review which directly translates into low customer satisfaction, he or she can easily be influenced to look elsewhere.

2. Loss per Negative Review is High- There have been various researches completed on the impact of a negative customer review on many local listing sites. It has been observed by many experts that the impact of one negative review is that it drives away 30 customers from a business. While three negative reviews drive away 59% of potential customers from a business. A large surprising number indeed.


While reviews have become quite popular to improve a business’ reputation, it has also been observed that customers are quite good at identifying which reviews are authentic and which are not, and they’re only attracted by authentic positive reviews. Make sure that your business has authentic reviews. If you’re looking for some good reputation management companies, Launch Your Business is the company recommended for you. They have a large client base globally and their quality of services is supreme. Visit their website today.

Top 5 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Your Business Website

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In our previous post, we discussed 16 eye-opening facts about search engines. Today we are bringing up top 5 benefits of Search Engine Optimization for your business website.

Small businesses dream of making it big and taking their business to the next level. Have you ever thought of SEO? but are unsure of its benefits? LYB helps you take your business to higher levels through SEO. In today’s world, it’s very important to improve your business online presence, find your target customers, increase your sales, increase your profits and achieve your business goals, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to go.

Increased Brand Awareness

Search Engine Optimization and site promotion help to leverage the investment you have made in your website. A website having a high ranking means more people will see the name of the company and become familiar with the brand, the company, and its products, even if they haven’t made a purchase before.

SEO helps to enhance your website’s usability

How fast does your website load? The quality of content on your website, the layout, navigation and user experience are all important factors. Working with a professional SEO company, you get the opportunity to be advised on how to make your website as effective as possible.  Working with us at LYB, you will get suggestions and strategies to boost your website loading times. You can check yourself if your website needs an upgrade.

Increase Website Traffic

A properly SEO optimized Website will help the business to gain more visitors,  the customers that SEO brings to your website are all looking for your products/services as they have entered your websites keywords/phrases into the search engines.

Increase conversion

Increased website traffic is directly proportional to conversion. The more the targeted traffic on the website the better chances you have of converting them into clients. Customers who visit and click through organic listings are actively seeking products and services and they are more likely to buy. Therefore, if you are selling goods and services, the conversion rate from this sort of approach is one of the best.

Keeping ahead of the competition

SEO is a good way to make sure you are always ahead of your competition. Your website will have a better ranking, better visibility, and thus better conversion rate. All of these aspects will make sure that you stay ahead of your competition.

LYB will research key business words which best describe your business thus giving you an edge in your area of expertise.

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