Search Engine Optimization

The big question is, ‘After your website is completed ….How do you generate traffic’. You must have heard of this buzzword - SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, basically making the skill of making your website as search engine friendly as possible, we follow the latest trends of search terms and populate your website accordingly. 

We understand that SEO is a time-consuming activity but can give you a great return on your investment in terms of business.  So as we always say, you look after your business and let us take care of your SEO. All we ask is that you review the progress every month.

SEO from Just £199 / Month

Monthly Reporting

Don’t worry this isn’t some sort of mysterious process, we will send you monthly reports of all the SEO activities that we do for your website and with a search engine ranking improvement comparison.


Business Directory

When we list your website on Launch Your Business, you gain one "incoming" link at a 20-Year-old domain which has a 35+ domain authority. That’s free and an immediate good start for your website.

Tech Support

We offer Technical Support for each and every product. We welcome all your questions or queries.

Content & Blogging

Depending upon your plan, you can choose your keywords and geographical location then we will keep loading your website with the relevant content.

Webmaster Tools & Analytics

By default, we set up Google Webmaster & Analytics accounts for your website. This helps us and you to monitor your website performance and the visitor traffic to your website.


Do I need SEO?

Yes! If you have a website. SEO can generate more business for you.

Is SEO an expenditure?

It depends on how you look at this. We think of it as an investment. You could be losing £££’s if your business is not seen online. Read the top 5 reasons for investing in SEO. One thing is for sure, there are lots of good reasons to think about SEO and the potential of generating more business through your website is massive.

Can I do SEO?

Yes! But it’s a bit like a Marathon, it requires a lot of dedication, research and time. We recommend that SEO is done by experts because experts know what to do and what not to do.

SEO Magic

Unfortunately, SEO is not a magic or some mysterious art which happens in the blink of an eye. SEO takes time to build and we recommend it for at least 6-9 months to see the real magic.

Business Startup Package

£ 199 +vat pcm
  • Keywords Plan : 10
  • Target Location : 1
  • Blog Writing : 1
  • Classified Writing : 1
  • Company Profile Listing : 5
  • Social Bookmarking : 10
  • Total Backlinks Per Month : 35
  • SEO Activity Reports
  • Search Engine Rank Report

Business Growth Package

£ 399 +vat pcm
  • Keywords Plan : 20
  • Target Location : 2
  • Blog Writing : 2
  • Classified Writing : 2
  • Company Profile Listing : 10
  • Social Bookmarking : 20
  • Total Backlinks Per Month : 45
  • SEO Activity Reports
  • Search Engine Rank Report

Business Expansive Package

£ 599 +vat pcm
  • Keywords Plan : 30
  • Target Location : 5
  • Blog Writing : 5
  • Classified Writing : 5
  • Company Profile Listing : 20
  • Social Bookmarking : 30
  • Total Backlinks Per Month : 55
  • SEO Activity Reports
  • Search Engine Rank Report

Customized Pack

£ Best +vat pcm
  • Keywords Plan : You Decide
  • Target Location : You Decide
  • Blog Writing : You Decide
  • Classified Writing : You Decide
  • Company Profile Listing : You Decide
  • Social Bookmarking : You Decide
  • Total Backlinks Per Month : You Decide
  • SEO Activity Reports
  • Search Engine Rank Report

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How do I monitor the progress?

We will send you SEO Activity Reports and Search Engine Ranking reports to you every month.SEO Activity Reports and Search Engine Ranking reports to you every month.

What all do you do in SEO?

Depending upon your plan, we generally perform more than 59 activities regularly for your business website. We are happy to walk you through the process.

Can I switch between SEO Plans?

Yes, you can but we don't recommend switching from higher to lower activity plans. This can significantly affect the ranking of your website.  

What is on-page optimization?

We use standard practices so that your pages and contents are well populated with proper hyperlinks, keywords, and targeted location for your business.

Can I customize my plan according to my budget?

Yes, you can, however, our minimum recommended plan is our Business Startup Plan which covers at least the basic processes which are required for SEO. Give us a call and we can discuss this with you.

Will I immediately start getting traffic on my website?

Unfortunately no, however, if you need immediate traffic, we can setup Pay Per Click campaigns for you. This is one of the recommended strategies.

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission is important for any website. Almost everyone uses a search engine to find the right website. Websites don't automatically appear in the search engines list.

What is Social Media Integration?

Let's assume you have Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages for your business website, with social media integrated into your website, your blog will be sent to all of these platforms as soon as it is published on your website. No hassle at all!

Can I know how much traffic will I get on my website?

Unfortunately no, however, it fully depends on your business type. We do keyword analysis to make sure we find the right keywords for your website. Having the right website content with focused keywords increases the chance of generating more traffic to your website.

Should I change the keywords rapidly?


Should I add more keywords later?

It depends, technically, you can add as many as keywords you want. But we recommend using the keywords which are relevant.

Can I combine SEO package with my website or any other package?

Yes, you can! Let's discuss this over the call.

Do I get discount when I combine other packages?

We already keep our pricing very affordable to our customers however as a customer you have a right to ask for a discount.

Is there any contract?

No. But we recommend that you should plan for at least 6 months to see the results.