7 Smart ON-PAGE SEO Techniques

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As you all know that SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization plays a very crucial role in promoting a business website. Entrepreneurs or bloggers create their web pages and implement various techniques or methods to enhance their rankings on search engines.

SEO has been categorized into mainly two types


On page SEO: This refers to all those functions that have been done ON the website such as page titles, Meta tags, Meta descriptions.

Off-page SEO: It refers to all those functions that have been done OFF the website to promote its ranking like social marketing, directory submission etc.

Launch Your Business Bristol UK based SEO Company has highlighted some ON page SEO techniques to help boost up your website rankings.

1. Page titles

A Page title is the foremost things to be considered while working in on page SEO for your site. All the posts you have published on your website should be given proper and suitable titles. The title should be short, simple, and descriptive and include necessary keywords to rank in search engines.

2. Meta descriptions

Generally, people do not understand the importance of writing Meta descriptions. It is something that will display firstly to visitors searching for the related content. So it is essential to add Meta descriptions with relevant keywords in it. It should provide a short glimpse of what you are going to explain in the whole article.

3. URL structure

It is highly recommended by Launch Your Business in Bristol to keep a short and search friendly URL in order to attract a large number of visitors to your website. For better SEO some specific keywords should be inserted in the URL. Along with that the location or the places where you put those keywords is also vital.

4. Body tags (H1, H2, H3, and H4)

Another significant factor to keep in mind while writing the content is to divide it into 2-3 paragraphs. With this, it becomes easy for the readers to read the article. The article should be characterized with proper subheading like H1, H2, H3 etc tags.
The H1 tag is for the main heading and H2, H3, H4 for consecutive headings. It is helpful in case of the search engine as it tells them what is important in your content.

5. Keyword density

Keywords are the most essential component of any content. Your posts should contain all the necessary keywords that help the search engine to crawl your content easily. One thing you should consider is not to put excessive keywords or synonym as this will make your content vague and not useful. It can also lead to a ban of your website by Google.

6. Image optimization for SEO

Including related images to your article is also a significant point to remember. The images are more appealing and attractive as it adds interest to the readers in your content. In addition to the images, the alt text should be written with that in mind. It will make it convenient for your visitors to reach your site without any difficulty.

7. Internal Linking

Many people prefer linking their website to popular websites to engage traffic but they ignore the internal linking. Undoubtedly internal linking i.e., linking your articles to other articles of your website is a beneficial technique of ON page SEO. This will not only bring more visitors to your site but will also help increase your ranking on different search engines.

So these are the top 7 On page SEO techniques that can result in better rankings of your website. Besides this, do not forget about working with Off-page SEO like promoting your content on social networks, builds backlinks, and other important tasks that need to be carried out.

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