Best On-page SEO Practices

Best On page seo Practices

Who doesn’t want higher rankings for their business website? The more your website rank in search engines, the more people will choose you. It is also one of the best ways to be a step ahead of your competitors. But imagine a start-up wants to get this higher ranking in a short span? How can it be carried? Or you don’t know how to cope up with your current low rankings. There are various on-page SEO techniques you can use to improve your ranking in different search engines. It will help you to get organic results in search engines and also for running SEO campaigns. SEO company bristol has everything you need to know about the topic. Follow these tips whenever you publish the latest post and see the growth in your rankings.

Quality content

Now we all know about the content. It can be in the form of a blog, article, post, and others. But what is quality content? It is the same blog or article with original and fresh content. It shouldn’t be copied or rewritten. There are some characteristics for good content:

  • All the blogs, articles, infographics you publish should have original content. It should not be copied or rewritten.
  • You should post only exclusive content on your page. There should be no repeated articles on two sites.
  • Add a description and all the necessary image elements to your post.
  • Add some value through your content. Try to publish more informative and well-researched work.
  • Try to keep your write-ups long and not short.

Optimization of page titles and meta-descriptions

Page Title

Page title helps your page to make a better understanding of your site or the page itself to the user. For instance, a page with the title Best media marketing tips would be more helpful than the one like index.html. Therefore, it is one of the most important activities in on-page SEO, to have an appropriate title for your page.

How to optimize the page title

  • Add keywords to the title page. It will help the search engines to understand what your page and site are targetting.
  • A description of titles will also help you to get better search results. You can add up to 60 characters as it is the average amount that can be seen in the results.
  • Some people add their domain name in the title as well. But, there’s no need to do that. Google automatically adds your domain to the title, so you don’t need to do it.

Meta description

A meta description is the description of the page that will appear in the search results (SERPS). It should be up to 200 characters and descriptive and unique enough for each page. It allows you to make your site look different from the others and invite them to click your link.

How to optimize

  • Sometimes google itself make descriptions for your page and uses it rather than yours. But you can always use your designed description and avoid those irrelevant ones.
  • Adding your target keywords to the description makes it more relevant and appealing to the people. Don’t worry, and Google will highlight the search terms in the title and description itself.

Optimization of page content

Optimizing your page content with your targeted keywords is another on-page SEO technique. It would be best if you had proper research on your keywords before you add them to your articles and publish them on your page.
The best way to find relevant keywords is to know the user’s intent. What are they typing in the search box? Create a list of all those keywords and use them in your titles, descriptions, headings, and page content.

The best way to find relevant keywords is to know the user’s intent. What are they typing in the search box? Create a list of all those keywords and use them in your titles, descriptions, headings, and page content. To find relevant keywords, you can take help from three features that google provide:

Google suggest

Google starts showing you some possible phrases whenever you type a query in the search box. These are also relevant keywords you can use.

People also ask

Whenever you search a query on Google, it shows you a section of People also asks. You can use these terms as sub-headings.

Related searches

When you scroll to the end of the result page, you can see related searches. You can also use these phrases in your content.

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