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Mobile App development is like a black box for those who are starting. Mobile App development is a hard skill. Our consultants have years of expertise in this field. From basic applications to complex applications like Uber, App development requires great attention, concentration and lots of planning. We are just good at this and we love developing complex applications to meet your business requirements.

Do I need an app for my business?

Yes! Mobile applications have a compelling effect on making our lives easier. From ordering take away food online to booking a taxi or reserving that restaurant table, they have made a substantial contribution to speeding everything up. With the ever-increasing numbers of smartphones, these one-tap apps are gaining momentum across all mobile-based platforms.

Why Choose Us?


Our applications are fully tested for multiple versions. We take great consideration of your targeted customers and their segment before thinking about the application design. This brings greater focus for us and produces the best user experience to your customers.


An iOS app requires more effort to create than an Android app due to the nature of available flexibility, however, our expert engineers will work tirelessly to ensure that your users have the same experience on all devices.


Your business application may need integration with your existing systems. For example, if you have an e-commerce website and now you need an app, by default, we create an APIs based eco-system in which multiple systems can consume the same data.


Today you may have only 10 active users and tomorrow 10,000 - no matter how many, your app's experience should remain same for all the users. We use our combined 100+ years of team experience to engineer your application's architecture which is scalable to cater the needs of your growing applications.


Android is an open source operating system, this means that the information which is stored within the phone may be vulnerable. We use various techniques to ensure that your data is secure at all levels. We pay full attention to all of the possible open ends to make sure that your application remains secure at all times and that your brand's reputation remains the same.


We think that application development is just the beginning of your journey with us. Technology is always rapidly changing and to keep your application updated all the time, we offer our full extended support.

Are You Ready To Join The Club?

Get a free quote from one of our consultants to discuss which option would work best for your needs


    Mobile Apps are native Apps that can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device, while the Mobile Website is a web portal that runs directly in the mobile browser on your smartphone or another mobile device. 

    That's Ok and we understand, if you like, we can sign an NDA with you so that your idea is protected.

    Before we do anything else, you need to find out if there is any patent, trademark or copyright taken on it.

    Based on a brief conversation, it’s impossible to tell you how much it would cost to build your app. It takes a fair bit of work to give someone a fixed price cost, but we can estimate the complexity and give you an estimate.

    This is not a straightforward question, application development time fully depends upon how complex the application is.

    We can guide you on this as there are various options available and monetisation fully depends on your nature of the business. 

    There are roughly 1.6 billion people around the world using a smartphone. With Android and iOS dominating the smartphone operating systems. You will have to decide exactly which type of smartphone user you want to target first if you don’t want to build both at the same time.

    There are a number of ways to achieve this, like Pay Per Download, Digital Marketing, App Store Optimization etc. We can advise you on this once your application is ready.

    Yes, before releasing an application, you must have an account. But you don't need to worry about this just yet. First, let's get your application ready.

    We understand that you are busy and you always might need something else on your website. The aim of review meeting is to find out your requirements so that your website is updated with the latest business information. 

    There are a number of ways to achieve this, like Pay Per Download, Digital Marketing, App Store Optimization etc. We can advise you on this once your application is ready.

    No, once you have an apple or google account - you can have as many applications published and updated as you like.

    Especially for E-commerce websites where customers are buying products every day, we need to keep it tunned by performing lots of special tasks on the database. This keeps your site healthy and working faster.

    Yes, you can and you will.

    Yes, that’s what we are here for, we can help you.

    It fully depends upon Google and Apple's policies and review process.

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