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A Complete IT Solution For Restaurants & Takeaways


✅ Branded website designed and maintained
✅ Built-in Customer Loyalty Credits Features
✅ The perfect ePos online ordering system
✅ Boost your profits £££
✅ 0% Commission
✅ Works very well offline

✅ Reduce costs
✅ Online ordering website
✅ Secured Network Platform
✅ Full training is given
✅ Value for money for startups
✅ Perfect for existing businesses

ePOS System For Restaurant or Takeaway

We know that there is so much involved in starting and running a restaurant, and this prompted us to develop an efficient restaurant POS system that can help you entirely manage your business from wherever you are.

We present to you our Pocket POS system that's flexible enough to use with not just restaurants but also with a cafe, retail shop, and even a launderette! You can use it to store and access your sales information when needed.

The majority of ePOS systems in the current market rely on an internet connection to work properly. Sometimes internet subscription costs can bring a hefty bill to your business. Our system works offline, which means even without internet, Pocket PoS can fulfil your daily business needs with no problem at all.

Pocket PoS allows for the integration of multiple portable handheld devices. When you are making an order from the table, our handheld devices enable you to send orders straight to the kitchen and/or bar counter. Even on the busiest trading days, with the help of portable devices, your business efficiency will be fully maximised.

You can use the system to analyze and find out how your business is performing. A few taps from your fingertips can tell you what your best seller is and how well your business is doing. You can also generate sales reports and export them to your PC for further analysis if required. 

  • Kiosks self-order system
  • Digital Kitchen display
  • Order by customer phone
  • Caller ID
  • Sticker label printer
  • Voucher
  • Staff timesheet
  • Stock management system
  • Web-based remote management system
  • Loyalty scheme
  • card machine integration
  • Account system integration
  • Online booking system (arriving very soon)

Our POS system also helps with staff log management by letting you efficiently monitor your staff's timesheet. It even keeps you abreast with your staff's sales activities. 

The biggest nightmare for any restaurant owner is delayed or missing orders. There's a very high chance of this occurring when there are so many eat-in and takeaway orders to handle.

Our POS system helps avoid this by separating the types of orders and printing them directly to the kitchen for preparation. 

The seamless integration with our online ordering system – PocketOrder has made us not just another ePOS provider! PocketOrder allows you to have your own online ordering portal accessible from your website without any extra cost. All your takeaway/delivery online orders are easily managed through our ePOS system. Every online order can be linked to a built-in loyalty programme so more customers will definitely return more often!

FAQs for ePOS System for Restaurant or Takeaway

Yes. Unlike most other ePOS systems that rely on an internet connection, our POS system can also work offline. We included this feature because we know that sometimes an internet subscription can be an additional and unnecessary expense to a business. 

Our pocket POS system can be integrated with multiple portable handheld devices. You can use it to not only take orders but also send orders straight to the kitchen or bar counter.

In short, it helps maximize your business efficiency even on the busiest business days. 

We can do Kiosks self-order system, Digital kitchen display, Order by customer phone, Caller ID, sticker label printer etc. Just call us and we can tell you more.

Yes, you can get it. Please contact us. 

Our restaurant pos software's built-in loyalty program gives customers loyalty credits they can use for their next order. This gives customers more reason to give your Restaurant a repeat business.

Yes, our epos system for Restaurant is inclusive of an end day summary. We know how essential it is for merchants to know their day's business. 

Yes, it helps avoid missed and delayed orders by differentiating between dine-in and takeaway orders and printing them directly to the kitchen.

You get 

  • Sales Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Customers Report
  • Stock Reports etc

Web Design & Hosting for a restaurant

Tips on how to choose your web design company

We take pride in our web designing and development skills, where we use the best, industry-standard practices to create your website. We don't focus just on merely creating a website for you.

Our packages comprise of a combination of various essential SEO techniques that help to get your restaurant website in front of your potential customers. While all of our packages comprise of the following features, we can customize your website to your requirements.

Our websites are Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet-friendly and resize to the device that it's viewed on. We also feature your website on our site, which serves as a free business directory listing for you. 

We use the best keywords, content, and industry techniques for your website optimization. We conduct regular meetings with you to clearly understand your requirements. 

We use Google Webmaster and Analytics accounts to monitor your website performance and traffic. The collected information helps us plan the next website content and strategy to implement. 

Our websites are all social media-friendly, where any new blog posted is automatically published on your social media pages. As per your selected plan, we will load relevant content with your chosen keyword and geographical location to your website.

While our packages comprise of shared hosting and regular emails for your domain; we can provide more if required. We offer optimal tech support to all our customers. 

Our Business Growth or E-commerce package gives higher priority and support to your calls and helps quickly resolve your problems. 


View our existing web designs for restaurants

FAQs for Restaurant Web Design and Hosting

We strive to get the best available (UK) domain for your business. 

Shared hosting is better for general websites where you share the same server with other sites. VPS hosting is more expensive but is more secure and reliable because your website is hosted on a private server. We recommend you to start with Shared hosting for your restaurant website. 

Standard emails have a small storage space of 100MBs, while premium emails offer lots of flexibility with (2GBs) storage space or even more if required. 

Yes, we do. We test your website on frequently used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari to ensure your customers get the same experience everywhere. 

Yes, it does. It's essential because websites have to be submitted to search engines that people use while looking for the right business/website. Any newly posted blog is also automatically published in your social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  

Yes, we do. We keep a backup of your website and content because we know that things can go wrong sometimes, although this is rare, however, the backup frequency depends on your plan. 

Online Ordering System for Restaurant or Takeaway

The recent crisis makes it practically mandatory for all businesses, especially the food business, to offer online order services. We have a solution here in the form of our online ordering system, Pocket Order.

It is seamlessly integrated with your restaurant pos software to make your life so much easier. Pocket Order helps you manage your sales effortlessly under a single roof.

Pocket Order helps you reduce your operational costs. Our built-in loyalty program encourages repeat customers to order from your website instead of ordering through online food ordering portals. The lower rates help to reduce your everyday operational costs substantially. 

Your website, ePOS and online ordering system will be fully integrated and work flawlessly. All the reports and analytics will be available on your finger tips.

All online orders placed through Pocket Order are linked to our built-in loyalty program that gives customers an added reason to return for more!  Your customers receive loyalty credits every time they make an online purchase through Pocket Order which can be used for their next order.

Your customers will be allowed to place an order using a website or our fully compatible app. Our app is available on Google and Apple platform. 

FAQs for Takeaway System

Yes, there is an additional cost. Please check with us. 

Yes, Pocket Order lets you remotely organize, analyze, and control your business through your mobile devices, from wherever you are. 

Pocket Order conveniently and timely processes all online payments to your account. 

Yes, payment is processed by Stripe, a well-trusted payment settlement company, with  1.4% + 20p for all European cards.

Yes, it does. You can inform customers about the estimated delivery time. You can also create a customer database of your customers' information. It helps you notify customers about any special discounts or dishes through SMS or email. 

Yes, you will. It is designed with the common man in mind. you may need a few practice runs after which you will have mastered the restaurant pos software.

No, there are no limits whatsoever with the epos system for Restaurant.

Restaurant digital marketing

Tips to improve your video campaigns for 2020

Our digital marketing for restaurant package components

We use the best white hat on-page and off-page SEO for restaurant techniques to give your website a better ranking and internet presence. Our team of experts keep themselves updated with the ever-changing search engine algorithms and other SEO techniques. It's to ensure your site remains competitive and visible on the internet. 

We help maximize your Restaurant's online visibility using the help of various social media platforms' traffic and connections. We quickly respond to any feedback your Restaurant gathers, and increase the chances of retaining loyal customers. 

We also use social media for branding purposes to ensure your voice is heard and trusted enough by the people who do business with you.

We use the help of pay per click advertising and relevant keywords to generate clicks and direct traffic to your website. We use platforms like Facebook and Google to reach out to your Restaurant's target audience using long-tail, cheap, but highly relevant keywords. 

We also use the help of Google Analytics to monitor your campaign's effectiveness and statistics like website bounce and conversion rates. 

Online reputation is essential to any business, and we strive to help you create and maintain a positive reputation. We monitor your Restaurant's online status every day and can work and respond quickly to any form of criticism you receive. 

We ensure people read positive things about your Restaurant on your website, forums, social media platforms, and third-party sources. We insert fresh online content to push down any negative comments you receive. 

We strive to keep your brand ahead of competitors through positive SEO-friendly content and brand optimization. We, in the process, improve your website visibility and generate maximum organic traffic to your website. 

FAQs for Restaurant Digital Marketing

Our package comprises of various elements which includes search engine optimization, maintaining your online reputation, content marketing, social media management and pay per click.

People use the internet to learn and find out about new businesses and restaurants. It's only if you have a good reputation will people consider doing business with you. It's our duty to help manage and maintain your online reputation.

The Social Media networks help improve your restaurant visibility through your network and connections. We also use it to gather information about your target audience and accordingly customize your marketing campaign.

No. You will have to wait for at least a few days or weeks to see the results of our digital marketing techniques. It is a continual process which helps improve your online visibility, branding and online reputation.

Yes, we have a team of writers who will be able to cater to all your content marketing needs. it includes writing web content, articles, blog posts and press releases which collectively help with digital marketing and SEO for Restaurant.  

Don't worry about it. We can create and handle your restaurant social media accounts and pages.

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    I think it is best if you contact us and from there we can decide the action plan. We always try to support our customers as much as we can. 

    No, we have our own skilled team of web designers in Bristol & Bolton and we don't take services from web design freelancers. 

    Yes, if you want you can use an online chat tool or call us on our phone number. We are always happy to help you. 

    We are open from Mon – Fri 9am – 4-30pm. In case of emergency, leave a message on Live Chat.

    An interrupted service is called an emergency situation. Sometimes, it is best to consider the impact of the outage before calling it an emergency.

    Not to worry, you are covered. We are happy to help. You can call us in case of emergency, drop us an email or you can wait for the next review meeting. 

    Unfortunately, there is no point of contact. However, you should always call us on our number. Depending on your requirements, we may assign a person as a point of contact for you. 

    No! We are always here to help you.

    After reviewing your query, we assign your task to our team, the team member may contact you for more information and will be in touch with you until your problem is resolved.

    We understand that you don't want interruptions with your services during business hours. This can be arranged upon special request.

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