Top 21 Mobile Apps

Top 21 mobile apps

Mobile applications, also known as mobile apps, are programs that are the results of software development, for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Some of the devices come preloaded with mobile apps, courtesy the manufacturers or the mobile app development companies. Other than these, there are many more apps that are available from the device-specific app stores. In this article, Launch Your Business will give you a brief look at the 21 best mobile apps.


This is one of the best weather apps, showing the current weather, radar, forecast for the next 12 weeks and various other fun stats.

Google Drive

This is a cloud storage solution that is available on Android. There are various other suites of Android apps attached to it, like Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Slides, and Google Keep.Google

Assistant/ Google Search/ Google Feed

This is a very powerful app, supporting many commands like controlling lights and even solving simple maths problems.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is capable of reading both the local files and the music one likes, online. Also, the user can upload 10, 000 songs for free.


YouTube contains educational videos, music videos, reviews, video games and a lot more.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is one of the best video streaming and music package.


This is a security app, for granting temporary permissions to other applications.

Google Maps

This is one such app that gives access to traffic data, places of interest, rest stops or gas stations, etc. apart from the basic direction information needed.

Pocket Casts

This is one of the best apps for those who enjoy podcasts. It allows downloading or streaming of various podcasts for both audio-only and video formats.

Pulse SMS or Android Messages

These two are very unique SMS apps, which feature GIF support, spammer blacklists, dual-SIM support and password protected conversations.

Solid Explorer

File browsing is an inevitable part of one’s activity, and this is exactly what Solid Explorer helps in doing, very perfectly.

LastPass Password Manager

This is one of the must-have apps, which helps to save the login credentials in the safest way.

Nova Launcher

This app comes with a host of features like the ability to backup and restores the home screen setups, icon theming all the Android apps etc.


This is one of the most personalized and powerful third-party keyboard apps.


This app is known to cover basics like push notifications and recurring task reminders.


A very popular app allows customizing the notification tones, alarm tones, ringtones, and wallpapers.


This app allows users to create custom made commands and then use them.


Another automation app, this allows creating complex commands as well.


This app is a very popular one providing people with an easy way to connect with others through videos and images.


This is a subscription-based video-on-demand app, to watch movies and TV shows.


This is a well-designed app, helping in sharing files based on cloud storage.

Mobile apps are responsible for turning the mobile devices into miniature powerhouses of both fun and function and can be used for various purposes like navigation, booking tickets, watching videos, shopping etc. There is constant evolution of may apps which are used in our everyday life. One can not think of life without them. These are apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, snap chat which have become popular due to there out of the box concept. There can be many more apps that can be added to the list but in this blog, we have focussed on the above-listed apps.

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