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Website design and development are our specialties. We use industry-standard practices while creating websites for your business. Constructing a website is one thing but making it available to the right customers is equally important, at Launch Your Business we understand this requirement and that is why we take care to advise you when compiling your website content. Getting your website in front of your customers is important, this is why we have also included important SEO practices into all of our website design packages.


Your Business Website

All of our website design packages contain these features. However, if you need something else, let's talk.


All Websites that we build are Desktop, Tablet and Mobile friendly – your website will resize itself to the device it is being viewed on.


We use industry practices to optimize your website pages with the right content and keywords for your business.


All of our websites are social media friendly, so as soon you post a new blog, it will be published on your social media pages.

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You will get a (uk) domain of your choice. We won’t leave any stone unturned to find the right domain name for your business.


By default, we include shared hosting and standard emails for your domain. If you need more, just let us know.


Our expert SEO services can help your business website to stay on top.

Ready to find out the price?

Starting From Just £29 / Month

Flexible Hosting

We offer multiple hosting options which include Virtual Private Hosting, Shared Hosting or even AWS (Amazon Web Service). 

Business Directory

We will feature your website on our website which will serve as a free business directory listing just for you.

Review Meeting

We will arrange regular meetings with you to understand your emerging requirements for your growing business.

Content & Blogging

Depending upon your plan, you can choose your keywords and geographical location then we will keep loading your website with the relevant content.

Webmaster Tools & Analytics

By default, we set up Google Webmaster & Analytics accounts for your website. This helps us and you to monitor your website performance and the visitor traffic to your website.

Search Engine Submission

We use the best industry standard practices of SEO techniques and submit your website to all major search engines. Remember, it's not only about creating a website. It must also be visible to the right customers.

Tech Support

We offer Technical Support for each and every product. We welcome all your questions or queries.


Web & SEO

Web designing and development are our specialties. We use industry-standard practices when constructing a website for your business. Creating a website is just one thing but making it visible to the right customers is equally important, we understand this requirement and we take care to advise you when compiling your website content. Getting your website in front of your customers is important, this is why we have also included important SEO practices into all our packages.

Why WordPress?

Do you know that 65% of global websites run on WordPress? Yes, that is a fact. And that is why we also choose to use the most trusted and flexible CMS system - WordPress. There are many top websites running on WordPress, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, BBC America and Sony Music. 

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Business Startup Package

£ 99 Upfront Then £29 pcm

Business Growth Package

£ 199 Upfront Then £39 pcm

E-Commerce Package

£ 399 Upfront Then £49 pcm

Customized Package

£ Best Upfront Then £ Best pcm

Are You Ready To Join The Club?

Get a free quote from one of our consultants to discuss which option would work best for your needs


    We try to obtain the best available (UK) domain for your business. TLD's or .com are available at an extra cost.

    Shared Hosting, when your website is hosted on a server which is shared by other websites. This service is good for general websites.

    Virtual Private Server, when your website is hosted on a private server. You pay higher fees for it. VPS is more reliable and secure as compared to Shared.  

    All Websites that we build are Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile friendly – whichever way your customers want to look at your website – we have it covered. This is called responsive pages. 

    We use standard practices so that your pages and contents are well populated with proper hyperlinks, keywords, and targeted location for your business.

    Standard emails come with smaller storage space (100MBs).

    A premium email comes with lots of flexibility and you pay higher for higher storage (2GBs).

    We test your website in almost all frequently used browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. These tests ensure that your customers will get the same experience everywhere. 

    Search engine submission is important for any website. Almost everyone uses a search engine to find the right website. Websites don't automatically appear in the search engines list.

    Let's assume you have Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages for your business website, with social media integrated into your website, your blog will be sent to all of these platforms as soon as it is published on your website. No hassle at all!

    In order to submit your website to multiple search engines, we have to configure the webmaster tool of each and every search engine. These tools also help us to keep track of the daily traffic on your website. 

    We understand that you are busy and you always might need something else on your website. The aim of review meeting is to find out your requirements so that your website is updated with the latest business information. 

    In order to offer affordable services to you, we are splitting our cost into monthly charges. That is why we want you to stay with us at least for the duration of a contract term. 

    Google Analytics Account is an important and mostly ignored tool. This tool helps us to see who is using the website and when etc. This information can further help you plan your website content and strategy accordingly.

    We get many calls from our customers daily, we give higher priority to your calls if you are in the Business Growth or E-Commerce Package. This helps you with a quick resolution of your issues. 

    It is important to keep a backup of your website and its contents. Anytime, anything could go wrong, for example, a hacker can hack a site. In these circumstances, a backup is important to restore your services. 

    The frequency of the back depends upon your plan. 

    Especially for E-commerce websites where customers are buying products every day, we need to keep it tunned by performing lots of special tasks on the database. This keeps your site healthy and working faster.

    No - This is VAT inclusive price.

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